Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final Two Character Dialogue!!

Here it is finally.. Ofcrse its still not done.. but well the best i could do in these few weeks!!


worked on lots of comments by greg.. so lucky to have him this term..
i cant believe its coming to an end... Planning 2 take a break after this term and i am 100% sure i am gonna be superbored without AM....Final shot coming soon ;)


Week 7 was the Blocking Plus week.. week8 i started with little bit of spline..
what i am uploading now is the work submitted during week 9.. spline + little bit jaw animation..
Also putting up another magazine pose... From my exp. i can say that babies are the best option for magazine pose.. expressions are super real with no fake look or smiles.. really a treasure for any animator looking for facial poses ;)

Week5- week6

This week i need to get a rough layout and some sketches ... After changes suggested by greg i am gonna start blocking it out...

I am gonna upload my 1st blocking pass which i did in week 6... from now on we just go on with the flow.. :)

I am also putting up one magazine pose we were supposed to do this week.. cheers!!

Week 4 : Winds of victory

So i am done finding a dialogue clip.. Happy with it
I think i can listen to it 1000 times a day and not get bored :P

here it goes...

Week 3 :Storytelling through cuts

Time to start a new dialogue now.. with two characters.
This is going to be my final animation mentor assignment.. :))

Uploading the magazine poses.. I so wish bishop had a controller to make wrinkles :P