Sunday, October 17, 2010

Final Dialogue no. 1 :D

This is what i uploaded for my final submission. Its yet to be critiqued.....
MY 1ST DIALOGUE EVERRR!!!.... Sooo Happpyyy!!


I worked on the comments given by my mentor and friends..
Along with anim we had to pick some emotions from magazine and pose out s what i got


This week we continued on our shot from last class...there was lots of sketching and lots of references :D
we have 3 weeks to complete lip sync and facials.... What i am uploading is the rough blocking of the face along with some sketches :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Class 5 Advanced Acting.

CLass 5 .... so close to being done.. :))
ALso completed one year successfully...
My new mentor is GREG KYLE who has worked in ILM for 7 years and then moved to LIAKA and have also worked on one of my fav movies CORALINE. :))
It definitely looks like a super fun class..



hah!! Another class over.
I didnt make any progress reel this sem cos i really need to work super hard on the pantomime shot and the dialogue ll be cont. in next class.. :)
for now i have 10 days of break....

week10-11 ..Polished work

The final for this class is only body mechanics for the dialogue and not any facials...Next sem we ll be working on the facial performance along with the comments by the new mentor on the body.
This week's hand pose is SURPRISE. which was super difficult to get right.

week9 ...1st Spline pass

From now onwards its spline time...i have started liking this pass now..
in the beginnin stages i absolutely hated 1st spline week but it went really well for this assignment...
Along with that i have a RELAXED hand pose..

week7 and week8 Blocking!!

Both these weeks were fully dedicated to blocking...Along with that i had to make a hand pose stating ANGER.

Week 6 Intro to Dialogue!!..

I neglected this blog a lot...but nevertheless i am back now and gonna make it absolutely up to date... hehe
oh and by the way i just saw my pantomime again and trust me i HATE it.... it needs so much of work. Anyhow 1st things 1st

The much awaited assignment is here...This week we are going to look out for dialogue choices and shoot some refs with sketches.. :)
My dialogue is from the movie "euro trip" .. i had three lines , my mentor liked this one the most....Its simple, clear and has a nice emotional contrast.