Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 5 :Polishing

This is the polishing week.. i want to get done as much as i can with this shot cos next week onwards we are going to start with dialogues...
here s my polished pass..not saying its perfect but i feel its very close and i am 85% happy with it.... :))

Week 3 and Week4 ...

As i said i time out in my spline pass so week 3 was very frustrating as usual ...1st you move into spline and 2nd u time it out.
Week 4 was comparatively easy.. My shot went through lot of changes depending on my feedback from mentor and friends..But i am really glad about all those changes Def. feels better now...
here s my spline pass...

Week2:Intro to pantomime

This is the blocking week. I have seen that my work flow is changing as i am progressing with terms. I cant seem to time out my animation in my blocking.. i only work on the poses. No timing so spacing only poses. It wont work for many ppl but it works well for me... so here goes my 1st blocking pass without timing.


Idea is the most important thing. Great idea and average animation is much better than a cliche idea and awesome animation. So all my energy went into finding ideas for this assignment. I was almost final with couple of ideas but on the last day i changed my mind and went for a completely new idea which just popped up in my mind.
I dnt know how great u ll find it but its def. not gonna make me feel bored in 5 weeks,plus as always i ended up with two characters so its gonna ask for more attention..
anyhow i am posting my planning here....

Class 4 : Intro to acting.... :D

Here we go.. Class 4 has started and its gonna be awesome.My new mentor is Ethan Hurd and he is a great mentor. Just what i wanted to get my animation to next level.
So 1st Five week is Pantomime shot/acting shot and week 6 onwards we start with dialogue cool!!