Friday, June 18, 2010

Last week Class 3 :D

week 312 ... last week!! awesomee!! hehe
NO reel as of now , i didn't touch maya for 5 days.. can u believe that.. hehe i couldnt!! desperately need a break ..
today s my last day at AM , before the break i mean..
Already said bye to all my friends , 10 days AM free. I am sure to get bored!!.. yep it has turned me into a geek...anyhow if anyone is actually reading this blog and have some feedback for my work do post it, Its gonna really help me improve!!.. You can also post it anonymously :P
Oh yea... I got my feedback from Mark.. Its all goody goody and guess wat i got 7 A s this term haha!! Its good but frankly grades really dnt matter all i know is that i really need 2 push myself harder, i am not even closer to where i wanna be :P

Week 310 and 311

Seriously time flies here.. i say it again n again cos its really flying.. i am already about to finish my class 3... now thats really freakky :P
i couldnt dedicate much time these two weeks so i feel a lil guilty about it but its fine cos i plan 2 polish all this during my break....
Uploading my final 3rd shot ( final means what i submitted... a shot is never done) =D
There are lots of mistakes in this one.. which ll be removed soon ;)

Week 308 and 309

for the last shot i got 4 weeks yay!! hehe
so i decided to cont. my blocking for 1st two weeks just to make my work load easier when i spline..
Uploading my blocking pass here... :)