Tuesday, April 27, 2010

week 303 and 304

These two weeks i basically went through 1st spline pass and 2nd spline pass and the result which i am going to upload has not been critiqued yet. Once i have the corrections then i ll revise it so its not final.
But you ll see the changes it went through and i love to compare my final pass with blocking,shows me the progress i made :D
Also i had to plan for my next shot in week 4 so i ll be uploading my sketches and not the video ref (you know why) ...
Have fun!!

Week 302

Blocking time....
So after my approved planning i started blocking, which i love doing. This term i have decided not to fear Blunders i make. All i want to do is soak up as much as i can with absolutely no fear and no worries.
here s my blocking pass:
Ofcourse there is lot to be done. The poses are rough, no timing and lots of jerkiness. But main purpose was to get the idea across. :)

Week 301

This week was reference and sketches time. So i decided on an Idea. Shot some references and made some thumbnails.
I wont post the reference cos its copyrighted by my bro and he will KILL me :P
but here are my thumbails
My Story is about this Young Army Recruit who s going through training. You ll see what all happens to him soon :P

The Background models i took from "turbosquid" from the free models tab.

Class 3 Advanced Body Mechanics

This is fun, just recently i was filling up the application and i am in class 3 already :D
New classmates and new mentor again.
Mark pudleiner is my class 3 mentor. He has worked on some really impressive stuff. You can see his IMDB profile here.. Also he has his own blog.
This class we are free to choose any thing we want. We can either theme our work or choose different exercises.
Only condition is that we should have some "physical body movement". Rest everything is open.
I am going with anim-jam (themed shot).