Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Class2 Reel!!

Class 2 is done ... wow i still cant believe it
Time is flyinggg and its freaking me out
I am so excited about my next class which starts from monday.. gotta kick some serious ass now!!
anyways.. here s my reeel :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12

wow!!!... Its finaaalyy here...
i am officially done with all submissions and got my class 3 syllabus.
i cant explain how excited i am.
i am not getting a big break, just the weekend.. before my classes begin again.
New mentor, new classmates new assignment... All is wish for is improvement in my work :D
Anyways.. i have 2 still refine and render out my assignments and make a class 2 reeel.
I ll post it here as soon as its done :)
Wish me Luck =)
seee ya!!

week 9 ,10 and week11

I am summing up all these weeks here cos basically week 9 was 1st pass of spline , 10 was second pass and 11 was the polishing. The assignment has gone through a lot of change suggested by my mentor Steve. but all s for good.
THis looks so much better than the blocking i had.
Its really a lot of fun comparing your 1st pass with the last final one.
i am stilll gonna refine stuff for my classs 2 reel. but for now i am just uploading this one here.

Week 8

New assignment to block. I loveee blocking i think its the best part. 1st pass of spline is usually very depressing but well everyone i know atleast goes through that depression. but we tend to get normal around 2nd pass of spline and polishing stage. This is the last assignment for this class.
So here it is my 1st blocking pass.
This looks really weird now since i am done with this assignment and it has changed soooo much. wow!! you ll see it for urself in the newer post.

Week 6 and week 7

week 6 was my 1st spline pass and week 7 was the final parkour... well its never final i can still see so many issues but i have no time for it atleast as of now.
Also i had to decide on my next assignment this week . I am going with "run and reverse direction"
So i ll be uploading some sketches i made and my so called "final" Parkour.
enjoy ;)