Sunday, October 17, 2010

Final Dialogue no. 1 :D

This is what i uploaded for my final submission. Its yet to be critiqued.....
MY 1ST DIALOGUE EVERRR!!!.... Sooo Happpyyy!!


I worked on the comments given by my mentor and friends..
Along with anim we had to pick some emotions from magazine and pose out s what i got


This week we continued on our shot from last class...there was lots of sketching and lots of references :D
we have 3 weeks to complete lip sync and facials.... What i am uploading is the rough blocking of the face along with some sketches :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Class 5 Advanced Acting.

CLass 5 .... so close to being done.. :))
ALso completed one year successfully...
My new mentor is GREG KYLE who has worked in ILM for 7 years and then moved to LIAKA and have also worked on one of my fav movies CORALINE. :))
It definitely looks like a super fun class..



hah!! Another class over.
I didnt make any progress reel this sem cos i really need to work super hard on the pantomime shot and the dialogue ll be cont. in next class.. :)
for now i have 10 days of break....

week10-11 ..Polished work

The final for this class is only body mechanics for the dialogue and not any facials...Next sem we ll be working on the facial performance along with the comments by the new mentor on the body.
This week's hand pose is SURPRISE. which was super difficult to get right.

week9 ...1st Spline pass

From now onwards its spline time...i have started liking this pass now..
in the beginnin stages i absolutely hated 1st spline week but it went really well for this assignment...
Along with that i have a RELAXED hand pose..

week7 and week8 Blocking!!

Both these weeks were fully dedicated to blocking...Along with that i had to make a hand pose stating ANGER.

Week 6 Intro to Dialogue!!..

I neglected this blog a lot...but nevertheless i am back now and gonna make it absolutely up to date... hehe
oh and by the way i just saw my pantomime again and trust me i HATE it.... it needs so much of work. Anyhow 1st things 1st

The much awaited assignment is here...This week we are going to look out for dialogue choices and shoot some refs with sketches.. :)
My dialogue is from the movie "euro trip" .. i had three lines , my mentor liked this one the most....Its simple, clear and has a nice emotional contrast.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Week 5 :Polishing

This is the polishing week.. i want to get done as much as i can with this shot cos next week onwards we are going to start with dialogues...
here s my polished pass..not saying its perfect but i feel its very close and i am 85% happy with it.... :))

Week 3 and Week4 ...

As i said i time out in my spline pass so week 3 was very frustrating as usual ...1st you move into spline and 2nd u time it out.
Week 4 was comparatively easy.. My shot went through lot of changes depending on my feedback from mentor and friends..But i am really glad about all those changes Def. feels better now...
here s my spline pass...

Week2:Intro to pantomime

This is the blocking week. I have seen that my work flow is changing as i am progressing with terms. I cant seem to time out my animation in my blocking.. i only work on the poses. No timing so spacing only poses. It wont work for many ppl but it works well for me... so here goes my 1st blocking pass without timing.


Idea is the most important thing. Great idea and average animation is much better than a cliche idea and awesome animation. So all my energy went into finding ideas for this assignment. I was almost final with couple of ideas but on the last day i changed my mind and went for a completely new idea which just popped up in my mind.
I dnt know how great u ll find it but its def. not gonna make me feel bored in 5 weeks,plus as always i ended up with two characters so its gonna ask for more attention..
anyhow i am posting my planning here....

Class 4 : Intro to acting.... :D

Here we go.. Class 4 has started and its gonna be awesome.My new mentor is Ethan Hurd and he is a great mentor. Just what i wanted to get my animation to next level.
So 1st Five week is Pantomime shot/acting shot and week 6 onwards we start with dialogue cool!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Class 3 Progress reel!!

Here it is finallly!!!
still work in progress but for the time i am done...
Now i am gonna fully concentrate on my acting classes...
enjoy!! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Last week Class 3 :D

week 312 ... last week!! awesomee!! hehe
NO reel as of now , i didn't touch maya for 5 days.. can u believe that.. hehe i couldnt!! desperately need a break ..
today s my last day at AM , before the break i mean..
Already said bye to all my friends , 10 days AM free. I am sure to get bored!!.. yep it has turned me into a geek...anyhow if anyone is actually reading this blog and have some feedback for my work do post it, Its gonna really help me improve!!.. You can also post it anonymously :P
Oh yea... I got my feedback from Mark.. Its all goody goody and guess wat i got 7 A s this term haha!! Its good but frankly grades really dnt matter all i know is that i really need 2 push myself harder, i am not even closer to where i wanna be :P

Week 310 and 311

Seriously time flies here.. i say it again n again cos its really flying.. i am already about to finish my class 3... now thats really freakky :P
i couldnt dedicate much time these two weeks so i feel a lil guilty about it but its fine cos i plan 2 polish all this during my break....
Uploading my final 3rd shot ( final means what i submitted... a shot is never done) =D
There are lots of mistakes in this one.. which ll be removed soon ;)

Week 308 and 309

for the last shot i got 4 weeks yay!! hehe
so i decided to cont. my blocking for 1st two weeks just to make my work load easier when i spline..
Uploading my blocking pass here... :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Poor Ignored Sketches :( ..Week 307

This week i had to plan out my next shot plus polish the previous one.. It went super hectic for me cos i was already lagging behind on the last assignment.. so somehow i managed to upload a decent version of my splines and new planning...

The Shot i am uploading def. needs a lot of timing adjustments and some overlapping action,which i am planning to cover soon.

I should def. give more attention to my sketches cos lately they are the most ignoredd.. :( anyways a loong 10 day break coming up i guess i ll be working more on that then and improving my old assignments. Blabbed a lot for today.. here are my sketches for the next shot and splining pass for the last one...

Week 305 and 306

So well one week was for blocking another for splining first pass.. my blocking went decently well,. but when i splined it i had so many issues and i was just not happy with it .. Unfortunately it was already time for submission so i submitted the bad spline version But immediately started with blocking all over again...
I was freaking out cos i was at blocking stage in the polishing week... hehe
anyhow it worked out well in the end and the issues i had were solved...
I ll upload my 1st blocking pass here and the bad spline version...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

week 303 and 304

These two weeks i basically went through 1st spline pass and 2nd spline pass and the result which i am going to upload has not been critiqued yet. Once i have the corrections then i ll revise it so its not final.
But you ll see the changes it went through and i love to compare my final pass with blocking,shows me the progress i made :D
Also i had to plan for my next shot in week 4 so i ll be uploading my sketches and not the video ref (you know why) ...
Have fun!!

Week 302

Blocking time....
So after my approved planning i started blocking, which i love doing. This term i have decided not to fear Blunders i make. All i want to do is soak up as much as i can with absolutely no fear and no worries.
here s my blocking pass:
Ofcourse there is lot to be done. The poses are rough, no timing and lots of jerkiness. But main purpose was to get the idea across. :)

Week 301

This week was reference and sketches time. So i decided on an Idea. Shot some references and made some thumbnails.
I wont post the reference cos its copyrighted by my bro and he will KILL me :P
but here are my thumbails
My Story is about this Young Army Recruit who s going through training. You ll see what all happens to him soon :P

The Background models i took from "turbosquid" from the free models tab.

Class 3 Advanced Body Mechanics

This is fun, just recently i was filling up the application and i am in class 3 already :D
New classmates and new mentor again.
Mark pudleiner is my class 3 mentor. He has worked on some really impressive stuff. You can see his IMDB profile here.. Also he has his own blog.
This class we are free to choose any thing we want. We can either theme our work or choose different exercises.
Only condition is that we should have some "physical body movement". Rest everything is open.
I am going with anim-jam (themed shot).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Class2 Reel!!

Class 2 is done ... wow i still cant believe it
Time is flyinggg and its freaking me out
I am so excited about my next class which starts from monday.. gotta kick some serious ass now!!
anyways.. here s my reeel :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12

wow!!!... Its finaaalyy here...
i am officially done with all submissions and got my class 3 syllabus.
i cant explain how excited i am.
i am not getting a big break, just the weekend.. before my classes begin again.
New mentor, new classmates new assignment... All is wish for is improvement in my work :D
Anyways.. i have 2 still refine and render out my assignments and make a class 2 reeel.
I ll post it here as soon as its done :)
Wish me Luck =)
seee ya!!

week 9 ,10 and week11

I am summing up all these weeks here cos basically week 9 was 1st pass of spline , 10 was second pass and 11 was the polishing. The assignment has gone through a lot of change suggested by my mentor Steve. but all s for good.
THis looks so much better than the blocking i had.
Its really a lot of fun comparing your 1st pass with the last final one.
i am stilll gonna refine stuff for my classs 2 reel. but for now i am just uploading this one here.

Week 8

New assignment to block. I loveee blocking i think its the best part. 1st pass of spline is usually very depressing but well everyone i know atleast goes through that depression. but we tend to get normal around 2nd pass of spline and polishing stage. This is the last assignment for this class.
So here it is my 1st blocking pass.
This looks really weird now since i am done with this assignment and it has changed soooo much. wow!! you ll see it for urself in the newer post.

Week 6 and week 7

week 6 was my 1st spline pass and week 7 was the final parkour... well its never final i can still see so many issues but i have no time for it atleast as of now.
Also i had to decide on my next assignment this week . I am going with "run and reverse direction"
So i ll be uploading some sketches i made and my so called "final" Parkour.
enjoy ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Week5:Staging and composition

week 5 already!!.. Time is flying like anything. :)
Did my Blocking for "parkour" this week...I love blocking part its the next stage i am scared off... :P
Uploading my stewie performing some stunts but this assignment is yet to be critiqued..
my next upload s going to be the polished pass.. so that its easy to see the difference...
See you then!!
Oh by the way... My mentor Steve Cady got interviewed for Avatar..
Check it out ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 3 and Week 4

3rd week was my 1st splining pass... which s the hardest step according to me and in that i usually think that i suck at animation and at pretty much everything :P but as soon as that week gets over and i get my 1st spline pass, i am back 2 normal again :D
Week 4 was my final submission and planning for the next assignment..
so i am uploading my final pass of 1st assignment which was 180 turn and my planning for next..
see ya!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

week 2 :Clarity in Blocking

I am going with a Sneak and then 180 turn.. the final assignment s due in week 4 so this week we had to block it in stepped mode..
I had a great critique on my sketches and now i am looking forward to some more on my blocking...
So i am uploading my blocking which is yet to be critiqued....

Class 2 week 1 : Weight and Balance

Class 1 s over Bring on Class 2 :D
New class, new mentor, new friends....
My current Mentor s Steve cady [ ]who has worked on some awesome movies including Avatar ;)
He loves Warner bro style which is sooo awesomee for me :D
I had my first intro which was great.. now its time to do some kickass animation but it s soooooo hard to get out of holiday mode... anyways this week we had to pick a shot out of 10 options and upload some vid ref and planning.. i am posting my planning here and Not video ref :P