Friday, December 18, 2009

Class 1 Reel

Done with class 1, feels sooo great.
Had my last Q&A with Victor.. i am gonna miss him bad.
Thanks Victor for being such an Awesomee Mentor!!

I had a great class 1 and made some amazing friends :D
yes Nilay that would be you ;)

Looking forward to class 2 with new mentor and new classmates which starts on 4th jan.. :)

Here s my class 1 reel .. ofcourse i ll be refining it more as soon as i recharge myself.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 11 :Spline Editing Part 2

5 more days and i ll be done with class 1..
Smooooth and improved character walk and Balanced Stu..for this week
and I am done :D
Now i just have 2 go back and revise all the assignments which i know i ll never be completely satisfied with.. but as Bobby Beck says " a shot is only done when they snatch it away from you"
I ll be back soon with my class 1 reel..

Week 10: Walk with Character

Sooo close to finish class 1
Now the fun part has begun.. we are free to BREAK all the rules and do anything wild...
No more vanilla,no more restrictions...
my 1st 3 days went just in planning and shooting refs.
Finally i decided on "Pee Pee" walk.. thats what victor calls it so i named it that :P
I feel really exhausted now and so does STU..
so here s my Blocking in Stepped mode and the pose...
Have fun!!

Week 9 : Exaggeration and Weight

This week i had to spline my walk.. and believe me it was a tough job with this rig specially where Ballie has really far apart sticks as legs ..sorry dude!!
but i am not complaining i had fun making my vanilla smooooth..
Along with that Stu had to be really "concerned"
here they are....