Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week8:Introduction to Walks

Walk is the HARDEST thing to animate.. yet the most basic thing.
This week we had to do a Vanilla walk.. No character No personality just plain Vanilla...
That too only four Main poses in Stepped Mode.. All in all a mechanical thing with lots of Maths :P
Along with that Stu showing Physical strength..
My Stu Strongest..

Week7:Walk Through Splines Part1

Overlapping action continues..... But instead of a Dead tail like last week..This week we had to animate Tailor.. Cutest character so far..had really a lot of fun with it...
so the character as well as the tail was live but still following the body..Also we had to use all the principles that we have learnt so far .. Anticipation,squash and stretch along with Overlap.
Here it is .. a small love story after last weeks Devil :P

Week 6 :Overlapping Action

Half way through Class 1... wOOOt wOOt
The MOST difficult principle this week..Overlap!!
Had a hard time getting it...
I made SATAN s Tail.. supposed to be a dead tail without any character,just following the Body movement..Overlap is difficult to understand at first but once you get it,Its a lot of fun..
Victor s Lecture and Keith Lango s Tutorial helped me a lot getting it right..
Well here it is..
I am going to come back to it later once i get done with the current work and by that time i ll have a better understanding also..
See Ya!!

Week 5 : Anticipation,Squash and Stretch

New week,Some New principles...
This week we had to give the ball a character by putting anticipation and make it do an"Obstacle Course" keeping the "ball feel" also in mind.. :D
Basically the aim of the exercise was good understanding of Anticipation, Squash and Stretch...
Along with that Stu had to portray "DEVASTATION" pose.. awww!! Poor Stu :(