Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 4 : Timing and Spacing

Animation is all in TIMING and SPACING - Grim Natwick.
So true!!!...
Based on that my week 4 Assignment was Light/Heavy ball exercise..
So here it is along with my planning..

Week 3 Bouncing Ball :D

It all starts with Bouncies....They looks easy but mann!! i had a tough time figuring them out.. :D
So i am posting my final revised Basket ball bounce along with the planning...
Also the pose theme was Excitement... haha!! easy :p yea right.. ppl always do the same thing when they are excited.. I want a different excited pose!!! ... waaaah!!.. :P
Anyways here are my sketches and the final revised excited pose.. ;)
C you soon

Sunday, October 18, 2009

AM Class1 : Week2

Observe Observe Observe!!..

my first assignment... made some sketches of people doing daily stuff all around me, learnt a lot about Line of action,gestures and poses.. Super duper funn!! week
and later posed stu like my fav pose out of all... "Attitude Walk " ;)

Class 1:Basic Foundations Week 1

My first day on 28th Sept 09...I log in to the school and BOOOOOM!!!!
Who s my first Mentor...VICTOR NAVONE...woohooo!!!...
Such an awesome start,i coudlnt have been more lucky...
So yea, lots of fun and excitement 1st week,met my classmates who are awesome ppl,made some really good friends right away!!... (happy happy)