Friday, December 18, 2009

Class 1 Reel

Done with class 1, feels sooo great.
Had my last Q&A with Victor.. i am gonna miss him bad.
Thanks Victor for being such an Awesomee Mentor!!

I had a great class 1 and made some amazing friends :D
yes Nilay that would be you ;)

Looking forward to class 2 with new mentor and new classmates which starts on 4th jan.. :)

Here s my class 1 reel .. ofcourse i ll be refining it more as soon as i recharge myself.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 11 :Spline Editing Part 2

5 more days and i ll be done with class 1..
Smooooth and improved character walk and Balanced Stu..for this week
and I am done :D
Now i just have 2 go back and revise all the assignments which i know i ll never be completely satisfied with.. but as Bobby Beck says " a shot is only done when they snatch it away from you"
I ll be back soon with my class 1 reel..

Week 10: Walk with Character

Sooo close to finish class 1
Now the fun part has begun.. we are free to BREAK all the rules and do anything wild...
No more vanilla,no more restrictions...
my 1st 3 days went just in planning and shooting refs.
Finally i decided on "Pee Pee" walk.. thats what victor calls it so i named it that :P
I feel really exhausted now and so does STU..
so here s my Blocking in Stepped mode and the pose...
Have fun!!

Week 9 : Exaggeration and Weight

This week i had to spline my walk.. and believe me it was a tough job with this rig specially where Ballie has really far apart sticks as legs ..sorry dude!!
but i am not complaining i had fun making my vanilla smooooth..
Along with that Stu had to be really "concerned"
here they are....

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week8:Introduction to Walks

Walk is the HARDEST thing to animate.. yet the most basic thing.
This week we had to do a Vanilla walk.. No character No personality just plain Vanilla...
That too only four Main poses in Stepped Mode.. All in all a mechanical thing with lots of Maths :P
Along with that Stu showing Physical strength..
My Stu Strongest..

Week7:Walk Through Splines Part1

Overlapping action continues..... But instead of a Dead tail like last week..This week we had to animate Tailor.. Cutest character so far..had really a lot of fun with it...
so the character as well as the tail was live but still following the body..Also we had to use all the principles that we have learnt so far .. Anticipation,squash and stretch along with Overlap.
Here it is .. a small love story after last weeks Devil :P

Week 6 :Overlapping Action

Half way through Class 1... wOOOt wOOt
The MOST difficult principle this week..Overlap!!
Had a hard time getting it...
I made SATAN s Tail.. supposed to be a dead tail without any character,just following the Body movement..Overlap is difficult to understand at first but once you get it,Its a lot of fun..
Victor s Lecture and Keith Lango s Tutorial helped me a lot getting it right..
Well here it is..
I am going to come back to it later once i get done with the current work and by that time i ll have a better understanding also..
See Ya!!

Week 5 : Anticipation,Squash and Stretch

New week,Some New principles...
This week we had to give the ball a character by putting anticipation and make it do an"Obstacle Course" keeping the "ball feel" also in mind.. :D
Basically the aim of the exercise was good understanding of Anticipation, Squash and Stretch...
Along with that Stu had to portray "DEVASTATION" pose.. awww!! Poor Stu :(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week 4 : Timing and Spacing

Animation is all in TIMING and SPACING - Grim Natwick.
So true!!!...
Based on that my week 4 Assignment was Light/Heavy ball exercise..
So here it is along with my planning..

Week 3 Bouncing Ball :D

It all starts with Bouncies....They looks easy but mann!! i had a tough time figuring them out.. :D
So i am posting my final revised Basket ball bounce along with the planning...
Also the pose theme was Excitement... haha!! easy :p yea right.. ppl always do the same thing when they are excited.. I want a different excited pose!!! ... waaaah!!.. :P
Anyways here are my sketches and the final revised excited pose.. ;)
C you soon

Sunday, October 18, 2009

AM Class1 : Week2

Observe Observe Observe!!..

my first assignment... made some sketches of people doing daily stuff all around me, learnt a lot about Line of action,gestures and poses.. Super duper funn!! week
and later posed stu like my fav pose out of all... "Attitude Walk " ;)

Class 1:Basic Foundations Week 1

My first day on 28th Sept 09...I log in to the school and BOOOOOM!!!!
Who s my first Mentor...VICTOR NAVONE...woohooo!!!...
Such an awesome start,i coudlnt have been more lucky...
So yea, lots of fun and excitement 1st week,met my classmates who are awesome ppl,made some really good friends right away!!... (happy happy)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Animation Fan

OK, here s my first post.....
I am an animation mentor student and my classes are going to start soon... pretty excited about them...everyday curiosity as well as excitement increases...
Anyhow , i decided to start preparing for my classes..
Currently i am doing some gesture drawings, learning some basic anatomy and poses and doing some Maya. Also reading multiple anim related books and going through Dvd s as well...still not satisfied, i need to work more n more...!! hehehe

So yea, i ll be uploading my work pretty soon.. and ll try and update my blog on regular basis..
till then Ciao!!